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83 Broadway
Kingston, NY 12401

845 514 3432


Wedding Cakes


We bake and create seasonal cakes as well as cakes for special occasions from Weddings, Baby Showers to Mother’s Day, Communions to Graduation, Birthdays to Retirements…any occasion is better celebrated with cake. Sometimes, wisdom is found in the oddest of places, such as a fortune cookie. However, no truer words were ever spoken when it comes to a cake for a special occasion. We fulfill both components of such sage advice. The first bite of luscious, delectable, melt in your mouth cake tastes twice as wonderful if it is a spectacular confection of texture, color and harmony.

Elegant and gracious or whimsical and charming – the cake needs to express your unique personality. Anything can inspire the design: a perfect flower; the shimmer of your gown; the way sand clings to a handful of seashells; a personal interest – if you can imagine it, we can create it!

The perfect porcelain smoothness of fondant, the swirls and clouds of whipped cream, the silkiness of butter cream and the versatility of marzipan can all be enhanced with sugar paste flowers, chocolate figures, royal icing, pastillage,crystallized petals, fresh, sugared or marzipan fruit, or fresh flowers to match the occasion.

The cake itself should please the palate. The combination of cake and filling can be as varied and personalized as the design itself. For a traditional white cake, choose angel food, light genoise, butter cake or, best of all, white chocolate. Our sensational carrot, fruit or citrus cakes, decadent chocolate varieties or red velvet cake offer the host options for a unique creation.

We custom make wedding and special occasion cakes, as well as cupcakes. If you can imagine it, we can create it!




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