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83 Broadway
Kingston, NY 12401

845 514 3432



Grounded offers catering services for events of all sizes, from small gatherings of friends and family to weddings, bar mitzvahs and birthday bashes. We work with you to craft menus precisely suited to your needs, your tastes and your budget. We can also assist with themes, decorations, invitations and the other elements of exceptional events. We cater to all special need palates as well with a diverse selection of vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and lactose free menus as well as fire roasted carnivore dinners. 

Our goal is to provide you and your guests with an unparalleled culinary experience. We eschew the bland, run-of-the-mill cooking that people often associate with catered events. Whether we are preparing a simple meal of roast chicken and potatoes, or an elaborate feast involving a mosaic of different international cuisines,we deliver robust flavors your guests will savor.

We specialize in wholesome food made from farm-fresh vegetables, eggs and meat, supplied locally, from farmers, fisherman and ranchers who use the healthiest, most sustainable methods. We believe that using locally grown, organic produce not only supports these local farmers and artisans, but allows us to bring you the freshest, most flavorful food available. By integrating these principles whenever possible we preserve the vital connection between the dish and its source.

Basic Wedding Catering Information

When taking a look at our basic menu choices, please think of them merely as suggestions as we can adjust your menu to your every food need and want, as well as taking allergies into consideration. We mostly like to work with customized menus rather then pre-fixed packages, that way we feel you can get exactly what you want for your wedding day and we end up with a happier client. We do also strongly suggest and can't emphasize enough how much we really love working with menus sourcing from local farmers in sustainable ways and of course always with seasonal and organic if at all possible and budget permitting. 

Besides catering, we also offer a variety of services, wedding planning, day-of coordination, simply being your caterer as well as being your wedding cake/dessert maker, and we guarantee that once you are booked with us we will happily be giving you all the personal attention you could wish for.


So to get started, I would love to set up a meeting and maybe even a tasting with you, depending on how far we get planned in menus etc before the meeting. Just to let you know I am located about 10-15 minutes right off of Rte 28 coming from NYS Thru way and Kingston (exit 19).


To help you with your menu and budget planning, I'll be more then happy to also down the line send you some sample menus or make up some suggestive menus. In order to do so, I would need to better know what sort of budget you are working with. We have been known to cater full 3 course dinners for anything from $75/guest (including all service staff) up to $250/person (excluding service staff) so as I am sure you understand the menus and services can vary quite a bit. We offer buffet, plated, family style, and stationary style menus, all depending on what you prefer. When making you an estimate we tend to break the cost up in 2 parts, that way we feel you can better understand what exactly costs what, and better understand where to adjust pricing if needed be. The 2 costs are: menu cost per person and service staff for the event.  Most of my wedding catering events tend to land between $65-$120/guests for the menu. As for staffing, it will vary quite a bit depending on exactly how much you like us to be involved, how long your wedding day is, and how many service staff members you will need. The staff on average cost $25-$35/server and if you were to pick a buffet style event for example I would recommend 5-6 waiters/100 guests. An average wedding if Grounded were to set up and break down would be in the range of 8-12 hours of work/waiter. Kitchen staff and Bar staff will depend on the complexity of your food and bar menu. 


Process of Booking, Planning and scheduling payments 


In order to secure your date with Grounded, a $2000 nonrefundable booking fee would be due. As soon as we receive your check, we will write a receipt as well as draw up a very simple contract stating you have hired us for the date as well as loose number of guests we are expecting etc. 

From there, we like to start moving forward planning your day, firming things up such as timelines, menu, bar needs, possible rehearsal dinners or brunches etc. I expect to have final head count and a set menu at latest 45 days prior to event, and at that point we should have a good idea of the total cost of the wedding (also at this time 50% of total cost of the wedding is due). We now have a firm contract. The remaining amount plus NYS tax and gratuity is due three days prior to wedding day as we strongly suggest not having to handle checks and money on your big day. Any possible add-ons that might arise thru the night, such as staff of Grounded being asked to stay passed the contracted time, purchasing of any items such as more ice/juices, or last minute added on guests or vendors will be added and billed separately - that payment is due within 3 days after the event.

Request a Tasting

In the process of planning your wedding with us, it's quite common for our couples to want to set up a tasting to get a better idea of what to expect. A tasting can be booked with us weeks or months in advance, but no less than 7 days in advance to ensure we can have all ingredients necessary available for your dinner options. For the tasting we in general ask for you to choose 3 appetizers, 2 main course proteins and 3 side dishes to try; you could choose more options if you like, and Chef will choose for you what she finds would work best depending on season, availability and quality. The tasting is free for you (the wedding couple/2 people) if you have already or are on the day of the tasting securing your date with Grounded by paying the $2000 booking fee. If you are not booked yet and cannot commit on day of the tasting, the cost is $50/person. Any additional guests at your tasting are also $50/person. Additional guests besides for the wedding couple is very much welcome to the tasting and our meetings, but please note that if you are intending to be more then 2 people at the tasting make sure to inform Grounded at least 1 week prior to leave us the chance to prepare accordingly.


I hope I did not throw too much information on you - we are looking forward to hearing from you and moving forward with your wedding plans. Please also enjoy the rest of the reading!


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